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This is an update that many of you may not want to hear but the time has come. In the past I have neglected to seriously take the time or more likely afraid to see exactly what it is costing to put on the B&B. Taking advantage of the off season I have already begun working on the 2006 event. I have also taken the time to analyze the weekend in its entirety. I’ll try to keep this as short and sweet as I can.

The B&B is a great time! I was always asked by many to create an event so paddlers can get together and have a good time and who knows I might even be able to make money. Fat chance! I knew nothing about events or better yet…racing. I figured I’d give it a try but honestly more for the fun and camaraderie. The plan was to make an event that all paddlers would appreciate. There would be no skimping allowed. About half way to where we are now, our 8th annual, everything went to plan. The fees we collected came close to covering the expenses, that’s all I would ask for. Now I shouldn’t have to explain to you about rising costs.

I’m sure you can all appreciate the time and effort that it takes just preparing for the event. The show doesn’t start until February and here I am. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy most of it. But let me tell you what I am not looking forward to. This event makes for a long busy weekend and we really appreciate all the extra business. But, what if after all that work, the entire profits made from every single sale during the 3 day event, plus all of the race and party fees collected prior, were eaten up by all the event and operating expenses? Zilch, Zero, Nada. It no longer seems fun.

So this is where we are all at. Looking over the expenses we could possibly eliminate some of the luxuries. But without the beach party, great food and band and maybe ending up with one of those cheap lousy see-thru t-shirts, I would rather stay home and swing in my hammock. I couldn’t imagine any of you who come from afar, would show up for just another mediocre event.

So I guess what I am trying to say is you have two choices. I’ll only tell you one. I will be happy to continue running the show but it will cost more. I’m not expecting everyone to understand or to be happy about it but the new pricing will cover the costs for now and I won’t have to dig in my pockets. I have to keep in mind this is a business and people depend on me each and every Friday.

If you feel the need to vent please do so to If you want to congratulate me you can do that to!


The Bogey and Bacall is on for Saturday February 4th and Sunday February 5th 2006. We are planning events before the race too! There will be special classes and tours on Friday. We will announce them as soon as possible.

Make sure to plan your trip extra early this year. The Keys are facing some changes and we are quickly losing some of our favorite mom and pop resorts. There are still many places to stay but be sure to arrange your accommodations as soon as you can. Some of our local losses are Neptunes Hideaway, Kelly’s On The Bay and America Outdoors Campground. Hobo’s one of our favorite restaurants will no longer be next door but they will be opening a new place a mile or so down the road. We will be looking locally at resorts and restaurants for event sponsorship. Please help us patronize their businesses. We will list them for you soon. That’s it for now!

If I can get out of a conference
I just might make the three day drive. key Largo in Feb, it just does not sound any better.

What is the deal with America…

We have reservations there for a couple of nights as well as Pennekamp.

We never got any notice of a cancellation, etc???

Thanks for the heads up. We will have to check it out.


OK, I just called America Outdoors.
and they are not closing until April of 2006,

So anyone with reservations for the B & B dates should be OK.