BogRiver LaunchParking

Has the much rumored parking improvement materalized yet?

Not that I could tell
The wife and I was at Bog river/Lows lake the 1st week of Aug. We went in on a Thurs morning (in the rain) and was lucky to get a open spot in the small lot by the sign-in. We came out Saturday afternoon and the lot was full and vehicles parked all down the dirt road. I counted 98 people signed the register since I signed in on Thurs. While I know this is a popular day trip destination, I’m sure the log did not include the two seaplanes that dropped off campers/fisherman on Low’s lake.

Appreciate info, will help finalize plans for A.D.K. Classic next week end.

I was there last week Oct.1-5 and the parking was the same as always.

A year ago I was totd that seaplanes would be banned from Lowes as of Jan. 2006. A note on the signboard at put-in warns paddlers of seaplane landings. I saw two signs prohibiting outboard use, yet I saw people fishing from motorized boats. It used to be motores were ok on the lake but not allowed between the dams. What are the current rules for motors/seaplanes on Lowes and the Bog river?

Lows motorized use
The unit management plan for Lows and the Bog River Complex was adopted in January 2003. The plan banned motorboats (except for adjoining landowners) immediately. However it took the Department of Environmental Conservation three years to adopt enforcement regulations (4/2006). The floatplane ban was to be effective in 2008. However the ban will not occur until DEC adopts those enforcement regulations so don’t look for the planes to be gone anytime soon.

Float planes…
I was at Lows a few weeks ago during the week . Had the lake to myself ( I put in Monday ) except for Wednesday when there were no less than 3 float plane landings about a half mile from my tent site . I wish I had a Stinger Missile with me…

Parking is still tight - I got a spot right at the gate, but when I took out Friday morning the cars were starting to back up the road a bit .