Bogue Sound, NC

Anyone kayak fished this area? Going down in early September. Will probably fish mostly the marshes, but maybe coastal if wind/surf permits. Use both fly and spin.

Any suggestions - launch sites, good spots, gear, etc.?


Wish I could help you.
But the best I can do is tell you that it sounds like a terrific trip and wish you the best of luck.

  • Big D

NC Trip
Big D…Thanks for the thoughts. I travel a lot to go kayaking and fishing, especially the Florida Keys, but this particular area will be new for me.

I love the honesty of your profile. I too am from northern Virginia, and frequently paddle the Potomac and the Chesapeake, but also still have a lot to learn.


Queen’s Creek
To the north west of Bogue Sound is Queen’s Creek. You can access it by Hammock’s Beach State Park (which is at the mouth) or by pulling over at the bridge on Queen’s Creek Road. I prefer the bridge cause it will put you right into the best spot. Stay to the south of the bridge when fishing. If you go north it can get shallow and the mud is waist deep in some places.

Parrot Bay is on the western side south of the bridge. You can look at satellite maps and see where the creek opens up to some marshes. This place is the best spot on the creek.

Live bait is the way to go. You can take your fly rod but you’re just going to wear yourself out. I’ve never landed anything there on anything but spinnerbaits and livebait.