Bois Brule Water Levels

We are planning to paddle the Bois Brule in a few weeks. It is my understanding that the river is very low. I want to avoid dragging my canoe across rock bars, or hitting rocks in rapids, if possible. What flow is necessary (from the USGS gauge) to avoid these obstacles? Anybody paddled it recently?

Go to the AW site.

Click on “River Tools” and then on Wisconsin. You will get flow information plus their opinion on what a workable minimum would be.

And, having just checked the site
myself, and having paddled the Bois Brule in summer water, I will say that the current flow of 136 cfs sounds pretty low. AW says that 125 cfs is a practical minimum, but I’m guessing that 200 cfs would be a better figure to shoot for.

Your mileage may vary.