Bois Brule (WI) Water Levels

We are planning to paddle the Bois Brule in a few weeks. It is my understanding that the river is very low. I want to avoid dragging my canoe across rock bars, or hitting rocks in rapids, if possible. What flow is necessary (from the USGS gauge) to avoid these obstacles? Has anyone paddled it recently?

Check the American Whitewater site

Right now you would be better off wading. :slight_smile:

Drying up…
Agree with the other poster; the Brule is low. We live just down the road, and I’d say now would be a good time to pick a different river.

It hasn’t been that low in recent memory, but I’m told it was almost this bad in '64.

It’s pretty dry in this neck of the woods.


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What stretch are you planning on floating? I spoke to someone the other day we did Stones to Winnie -- the report was that flows are low, but doable. (Frankly, I have never done that stretch without hitting rocks, at any flow level - spring, summer or fall).