Bolton Landing (Lake George) launch?

Does anyone know if one can launch from the Lake George Kayak Company launch (even if one is not renting boat from the company)?

I did that once on a group trip but I didn’t know if the leader had made prior arrangement with the rental place, or it’s a launch that any joe public can launch from.

They’ve stopped renting for the season. But the water is still a tolerable temperature (56 degree according to spotters). It’s the closest launch spot from Montclam Point (~1 mi?). Would be an easy paddle on a calm day, to explore the narrows. Or even as a water taxi to hike the lower Tongue range.

Or go from Bolton Landing Town Park

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Call the store and see about the boat house launch - the shop is year round in Bolton Landing. But current owners of the Sagamore might have changed the rules, and the road to the boat house goes thru their property.

If te boat house is no go, try the above or Huddle Beach, though the latter puts you more of a paddle from the Narrows.

Or go from DEC's paddle boat launch off of 9N a bit north of the village, takes you into Northwest Bay. Granted from there it is a pretty noticeable haul to get around Tongue Mt and out to the Narrows.

Guerrilla options are not really there at the town beach if the bathrooms are closed, which they either are or will be in a few days. That is better at the other locations.

Also, be careful of the details on that 56 degree temperature for the water. Lake George temps get chillier pretty fast as you get under the first foot. Even if your head is in 56 degree water, if you are swimming your feet may a good bit nippier

If you have two vehicles . . .
. . . you can put in at Veteran’s Park in Bolton Landing, go around the islands in the Narrows (which Paul Jamieson calls a “matchless archipelago”), and take out at the Clay Meadows launch at the end of Northwest Bay. Or vice versa.

And remember what Jamieson has said about Paradise Bay: it “has been called the loveliest niche of water, rock, and greenery in the world.”

I’m quoting from the third edition of Jamieson & Morris, Adirondack Canoe Waters - North Flow, at p. 313.

Thanks for the excellent suggestion!
I called the outfitter. They don’t mind people launching on their dock during off season. Except they are doing some work on the dock itself right now so that’s a no go. Though they say the town launch should be a good alternative.

Also, the dock on Montcalm Point may or may not be in place any more this time of year. Without the dock, getting ashore could be a bit of a challenge. So the “private water taxi” to Montcalm Point might be out.

I like the idea of launch from the tip of Northwest Bay and paddle down to Bolton Landing. Hopefully on a day with a bit (but not too much) of wind assistance. :smiley: