Bolts for Northern Light 3-piece paddle

I have a Northern Lights 3-piece greenland paddle and have lost the bolts that join the pieces. If anyone has the paddle, can you tell me the specs for the bolts…thread, length, and head style?

I still have a bag of these bolts and wrenches from when I used to sell Northern Lights. Drop me a line and it’s postage cost for you. I have a dozen bolts and four wrenches.

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Harlingford, Do you have the short connector to replace the loom section to make it a storm paddle? I’m asking because I sold my Northern Lights paddle to a guy last year and could not find that connector at the time, but he said he did not want it anyway so I knocked a few bucks off the price instead.

But I just found it buried in a gear bag I had not used in a while – do you want it for a spare? It’s just the short center piece, no bolts (which Marshall is going to send you anyway.) I’d be happy to mail it to you if you want it, hate for it to just kick around.

The NL was a cool tool but I found I could not get used to a shouldered paddle after using an un-shouldered cedar GP for 10 years, so I replaced it with a Gearlab Akiak, which has proven to be more similar to what I was accustomed to.

Awesome! Thanks, Marshall. I’ll call you. Willowleaf, I do have the short connector, but thanks for the offer.