Bomb Cyclone in Pacific NW

I see there are 30’ waves projected with this storm. Hope y’all out that way take care.

I read that it will hopefully bring some needed moisture to California.

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Forecast off West Point in Seattle:

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Already 6 inches of rain in some parts of the western slope of the Sierra. Three inches of rain in Nevada which is more than last year. After the rain, 4-7 feet of snow in the Sierra on Mon-Tues.


The rain sure sounds good for the region.

Interesting name but the specs look like a middlin hurricane.

I’m five miles inland on the central Oregon coast and I’ve been listening to the waves pound the shoreline all day.

That’s impressive!

Sounds like California is getting inundated by rain, causing flooding and mud slides.

The sound echoes through narrow canyons, so it booms.

Unfortunately with that much rain that quickly, it will not have much time to soak into the groundwater table but will run off in flash floods and cause major erosion and topsoil loss, especially in areas that experienced wildfires without time to regrow. No bueno. Cascading impacts of a changing climate.