Bomber Gear & Level Six Mack Dry Top?

Can anyone say anything about these? I have about $100 in “eBay” bucks and need to spend them in the next two weeks or I loose them. And I need a dry top and these are available on the auction site.

So, should I buy one of these or forget about it and go for Kokatat, NRS, IR or whatever? For about $200 or less they are relatively inexpensive compated to $250 (on sale) or more for the others. Plus as I said I have $100 to spend or lose only on eBay and I do not seem to need anything else right now from there…


bomber gear
What is the age of the garments? Bomber Gear only recently started making paddling clothing again. You could be looking at a top that is more than a couple years old, in which case, the gaskets could be in advance stages of decomposition. I’ve had some good pieces from Bomber Gear, but every single piece of Level 6 gear I own is extremely impressive. I would vote for Level 6 if you are looking for durability. The DWR they use is ten time better than anyone else including Kokatat. The better the DWR, the longer the piece will breath.

Bomber gear
Nermal is absolutely correct. Much of the Bomber gear floating around on line is from 2003 or earlier. That only becomes a serious problem if the garments in question use latex gaskets which can deteriorate. If you’re looking at semi-dry tops with neoprene seals at the neck and wrists it shouldn’t be as much of a concern.

All of the Bomber Gear stuff I owned back in their hayday was very good! I hope their new stuff measures up.

With the “season” coming to an end, you may want to consider holding out for a while. I imagine more good deals will pop up on Fleabay as the weather cools.

Good points
I have to ask the seller. The stuff is new and I think is new production rather than old new stock.

Unfortunately, I have to buy before 9/21 or my $100 $$$ expire so I can’t really wait too long…

There are only a handful of these particular garments offered now, perhaps you can take a look and let me know specifically? Not sure if I can post the item numbers here or if it is against the rules of this board…

And another question on size

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I am somewhat skinny 6'4" tall at under 190 lb and wonder if a XXL or XL size that fits my height per the charts I've seen would let water in? Since my chest, neck, waist, and wrist sizes are more like L on the same fit charts...

level six
level six stuff is well-made from the limited amount i’ve seen. the bomber gear tops i’ve seen were from 4-5 years ago, and i saw multiple tops delaminate, seams come apart, etc. hopefully with their new production they have fixed their problems, but i’d still go for the level six.

Level six Mach
Just got one. Super comfortable and bone dry. Was rated as the dryest drytop last year. I have been through many drytops and I must say …this level six is above and beyond my expectations. And their Customer service is great too!

Bomber Gear
I bought a $80 Bomber Gear drytop off ebay last year, needless to say it’s the best $80 I have ever spent. I paddled over 1000 miles in it so far. I feel good enough about it that I’m waiting for my 08 Bomber Drytop and spray skirt to arrive today.

Thanks guys
I think either would work. I’ve placed my bid on a Level Six for now as a comparable Bomber is not listed and I need to act sooner rather than later. please, don’t outbid me -:wink:

Plus I was impressed by the fast and informative reply I got to my e-mail from Level Six to help with the sizing questions I had.