Bomber Gear?

Has Bomber Gear gone out of business? I tried calling the Warranty Return Dept. for a Return Authorization number for my dry top, and all I get is disconnected. Has anybody heard anything about BG?

the unoffical story that i have heard is that BG is now a government contractor for knee and elbow pads…the gov guys loved their creeking stuff that much!!!

the followup rumour that i have heard is that a couple of the guys out there are going to start anew-cuz they are not liking the specific gov products vs kayaking gear…

yup out of business
bomber gear bit the dust quite a while ago although there are some former employees who are trying to revive the name. I’m not sure how that would go over as Bomber Gear has been raked over the coals quite a bit over the last year or so.

raked over how?
i have one of their tops and love it…have a skirt too and like it.

ordered a dry suit for my wife, got it and it leaked, returned it, they refunded and the loot and didn’t say boo…my experience with them was pretty good, so what’s the story on raked over?

check out Boatertalk
Basically, toward the end, it seems that Bomber Gear’s products were deteriorating. For a while people were having some pretty bad experiences with customer service and it was not too much later that the company went under. Personally I had always considered Bomber Gear as having excellent gear and its unfortunate that they could not continue producing high quality products while staying in business.

dying things oftern thrash
hard to make a living producing high quality things in north america.