Bombergear Radiator Drysuit

Does anyone have any experience with this product? I’ve been planning to purchase a drysuit early this season and cannot find any definative information about the Bombergear product.

Thanks in advance.


I have a Bombergear drytop
and am happy with it. The fabric is definitely breathable, and I’ve had no problems with the gaskets or construction. I saw the drysuits last year at Canoecopia; they were competitively priced and got my attention, too. If you get one give us a report after you’ve used it a while!

It’s The Zipper…
email Bombergear and ask whether they’re using metal or plastic zippers. The latter has a shorter life span and potentially more prone to failure. Not good with a drysuit.


Pleased with my Bomber

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I have "the Bomb" dry top and Bomber "Hydrology" dry pants. I am well pleased with both. They breath for sure and are durable so far. This is my third year and there is no sign of distress whatsoever.

I edited this to correct and say that this is my third year with the suit, not second.

I have a call in…
I will be calling Rob (owner of Bombergear) to ask about the zippers. I was indeed able to find one archived posting here that did not speak well of the zippers on the Radiator. I’ll keep you posted.

I have two bombergear drytops and really like them alot. I think the “breatheability” is fine and not noticeably different than my Goretex drysuit. With the drysuit, it is the integrity of the main (and relief) zipper that can make or break the function of the drysuit, regardless of the material


How’s the seal
How’s the seal between the dry top and the dry pants? Do you get any leakage during a swim?


Not good

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I bought my dry pants and top separately from Sierra Trading Post. The top ("the Bomb") has a tunnel but the pants (Bomber Hydrology) are a lower end model that do not have a tunnel. Whenever I get a chance to upgrade my dry pants to a model with a tunnel I will probably do it.

However, I'm basically a creek paddler and would not do a deep crossing in my (or probably any) two piece suit. The price was right on mine though and I get a lot of versatility out of it.

Phone feedback

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Ok folks, I talked with Rob Macelli (sp.?) co-owner of Bombergear. I am not personally familiar with him or his staff otherwise. My first impression was not good. I had a difficult time getting straight answers from him actually. I asked about the zippers used on the Radiator drysuit and after several of his recommendations to by a Kokatat product (bizarre sales tactic) he divulged that they use a "TiZip" product. He was unable to tell me exactly which one they use. The Tizip website has four distinct levels of zippers though, one of which (SuperSeal) sounds like a perfectly great closure. The SuperSeal is used on the Palm drysuits.

To say the least, I'm not feeling all that compelled to buy the Bombergear full drysuit. I too have a drytop of theirs that is a great single piece.....however, it does not rely on a zipper to do it's job. For those still interested sounds like they have a huge overstock of the radiator drysuit and are willing to sell them at a handsomely discounted price. You'll have to call to get it.

Any other opinions?


To be somewhat fair… I know that Bombergear uses a plastic zip. One of my surfing buddies in fact got one just before the real deep freeze hit NE. His first time using it was with me and there were no problems as I asked specifically whether he thought there was any leakage through the zips. It’s the long term usage when problems, if any, will develop…

He got his for under $400. I think it would have been a great deal if they had good metal zips and would gladly pay $500 for upgraded zips. Like I said, I do love my two long sleeve and short sleeve BG Hyrology drytop tops.


Look into the NRS Extreme

NRS Needs A Double Tunnel…
very active kayakers who roll alot will find a lot of seepage between the skirt and the drysuit when there is not an overlapping tunnel.

I am glad NRS added booties and relief zipper. They need to take one more step for the kayakers (over and above for the rafters and canoers) and that is to provide a model with a tunnel.


not a good experience

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it's a plastic zip. no alternative with bombergear

based on my having, using and really loving my bombergear drytop, i bought a drysuit from BG for my fiancee (well, wife on saturday!) online. nowhere on line does it mention that it uses a plastic zip, discovered that when we got it...okaaaay....we took her out in calm, placid water to test it this past november. we had her jump around a bit, but nothing like she'd get in proper surf or during actual use.

it leaked at the zip.

when i called to discuss this, the immediate response was "well, maybe you didn't pull the zip tight"...rriiigggghhhtttt, after years of getting myself dressed kayaking, i managed to have user error on a zipper...her zipper on a cold day? naaaah!

anyways, they took it back, refunded the card and we ordered her a kokatat.

i have a palm stikine canyon myself and love it.

either would be a better choice than bomber gear until they straighten out the plastic zip issue.

good luck. stay dry!

Different & Better Kokatat Approach
Rick, vey clear and fair post! Kokatat uses two different levels of zippers in their drysuits, but BOTH are metal. Also, they are totally upfront and clear about it. Also, the lower level metal zipper is durable and very adequatd. When Kokatat says yes it will seep water, they are not making it sound good when it is not. Seeping means a few drops at most. If one wants totally dry and in very worst conditions, that is why they also have the Optiseal zip.

It is true from experiences with friends that sometimes even the best zippers fail, from dirt, yanking in the wrong direction, and in the cold, improper storage, etc.