Bonds ALL Plastics, including Polyethyle

I am not sure if this product is available in USA but probably you could get it shipped, if necessary

I have not tried it yet but the claims seem promising. Now you can fix/glue that “tupperware” kayak that seem to cuase so much grief… :slight_smile:

It’s super glue
Super glue with some sort of primer.

Thanks for posting. Best solution for
poly hull damage is still plastic welding. This product might be one choice for glueing attachment points to the inside upper deck of kayaks, where the edges of the bond can be protected from constant soaking. I would not use it on the hull because in whitewater, cyanoacrylate is too brittle by comparison with polyethelene. I have doubts about whether it would work for glueing thigh straps in the few poly open canoes available on the market.

Have to wait for people to try it and see.

resin repair
check this website :

seen this @ kayak demo show …used to repair a poly boat .

note this disclaimer:
Water resistant not water proof, therefore not suitable for surfaces that will be continually wet

"the claims seem promising"
isn’t that always the case?