Book- Backcountry nutrition-meal plans

I found this new gem or a great resource for us outdoors people regarding nutrition, meal planning and much more. Its not a cook book…its so much more. I think we would all benefit from this and would make a good stocking stuffer.



I don’t have that book
But, I have other NOLS food guide books. And, Yes, they are very good guides to eating well when camping.

I’ll have to put that one on my Christmas list.


Eat well?
I don’t need a book, I always eat well, just ask anyone who has gone on a trip with me. None of that dried something in a pouch that you add boiling water to for me. Biscuits 'n gravy, omlets, and French toast for breakfast, Spaghetti 'n meat balls, enchiladas and chicken cor-don Bleu for dinner. Yum Yum :slight_smile:

Looks good. I should try the Barnes &
Noble site. I’m tired of Amazon with their “your account” and passwords.

Topic reminds me of how often bad diet has brought down adventurers and explorers.