book recommendations - kayak stories

I just finished the book (Sea Kayaker: Deep Trouble) and it was an addictive read. I love the “lessons learned” feature after each story. Does anyone have any recommendations on a book with similar connotations? Stories of survival, kayak adventure material?

I Read That Too
A couple months ago. I couldn’t put it down. I already had a healthy respect for water; reading those stories just reinforced it.

The only thing I didn’t like was the sidebar articles. I found them distracting and eventually started skipping them, returning to them once I finished the book.

You could always get a subscription to Sea Kayaker :wink:

I am avidly listening also
I wish there was a follow up. many of the stories there were a bit dated (I think the most recent was the 0s). I’d love to see a part II of more recent stories for that book.

3 excellent ones…

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In the wake of the Jomon by Jon Turk, an account of his expedition from Japan to Alaska, a 3000 mile paddle
Cold Oceans also by Jon Turk, an account of four different expeditions.
Southern Exposure by Chris Duff, an account of his expedition around South Island New Zealand, a 1700 mile paddle.
All really good adventure reads for anyone interested in extreme kayaking expeditions.
Not really 'what I did wrong and what I learned from my screw-ups' kind of book, although there are some things to be learned. They just aren't specifically pointed out with side bars and synopsis at the end of every close call.

Seekers of the Horizon
It’s in a bit different vein, but Seekers is a great compilation of kayak voyage stories. I expect it’s out of print, but I was able to pick it up easily on a used book site.

It includes the story of Chris Duff’s first long voyage around the US and Canada; the Chris Cunningham Voyage of the Paper Canoe; and the Lindemann crossings of the Atlantic in a Foldboat.


Kayak Stories
I really enjoyed Day of Two Sunsets.


Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak

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by Victoria Jason is a story written from the heart and my personal favorite.

Her choice of a partner will piss you off but her words flow like a river, full of passion and excitement. If you shed a tear here or there I don't know anything about it.

Great reading.

Arctic Crossing
Arctic Crossing “One Man’s 2,200 mile Odyssey among the Inuit” by Jonathan Waterman

This beautifully written work reveals the perils of crossing the Northwest Passage. Utterly alone for weeks at a time, struggling against freezing conditions, tricks played on him by his own mind, aggressive bears, stormy seas, and mosquito blizzards, Waterman arries at a profound understanding of environment and culture.

Its not kayaking, but…
…you may want to try “Shacklelton’s Boat Journty”

Shackleton’s 1914 Antarctic expedition is trapped when their ship, the Endurance, gets stuck in pack ice. It is crushed nine months later. The crew camps on ice floes, floating north for five months, until they reach Elephant Island. Shackleton and five men then sail the 800 miles to South Georgia Island in a lifeboat to get help. The author, Worsley, was the ship’s captain and guided the small boat voyage. A most remarkable journey, in which not a single man was lost, despite the unspeakable hardships.

Keep Australia on your Left
These guys get into lots of trouble in this epic.

a beginner’s favorites
My public library doesn’t have any books on kayaking that are up to date, so I have had to buy books. I loved Deep Trouble because I just got back from kayaking in Seattle and Sitka; would like to go to San Juan Islands where some of the kayakers got into trouble. I also have The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking by Hutchinson (love the helpful illustrations) and Sea Kayak Rescue by Falcon Guides.Of course, I can read 'til the cows come home but nothing would be safer than actually practicing techniques in safe areas first!