Surf Kayaking: The Essential Guide by Simon Hammond…

does anyone have a connection to this book???i am looking to pick a copy up…unfortunately as far as i can tell there are ZERO retailers of the book in the States…

anyone know different???

can anyone help me???

thanks much


Only know of other surf books
You specified a certain book that I am afraid I’m unable to help you with.

Incase you aren’t aware, there are a couple of really good surf books by Kent Ford and one by Nigel Foster that should be readily avaiable.

Good luck.

You can buy it from …, they won’t hurt you! ; ) Might cost you a few dollars more for shipping, but not much.


got a copy from amazon
I got a copy from amazon. More advanced than Fosters book. I just ordered through amazon
I bought it through there, and reviewed it on their site… hunt down through the web page there for customer reviews. It costs a bit to ship to US, but not too bad I guess.

What Do You Think?
worth the purchase?


Debatable for you Sing
I think you probably have a good inante ability to watch people and figure out what they are doing … maybe I am generalizing form my friends who are top performers in martial arts. You are probably at the level the book could help you get to. The “advanced” chapter was a little disappointing or maybe I was hoping for miracles. There have been four or five little tidbits that were worth $25 bucks, just finer points with paddle out take offs, lip skim turns, and such, things you probably already can do. I sure wish I had the book about 3 years ago.

corigmas, ABCs of the Surf Zone

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DVD on pnet merchandise and other web sites. Sea Kayaker Magazine's Readers choice video of ther year 2005 (came out in 2002 though)... I own it, it is great, and about 3 hours long, and I sincerely doubt you can have the same experience through a book. This video shows everything from getting in and out of the surf zone, to launching a team of paddlers, to bracing, to reading the waves, where to launch, and on and on. Tons of footage of the does, and don'ts, of the surf zone; many skilled paddlers crashing (sometimes on purpose for the video) and analysis of their errors, Consider ABCs of the Surf Zone. I'll get a link for you.


the Hammond boat deals with surf specific boats and (I thought high performance) riding of waves. Focus and audience are a bit different.


I am still wondering why one of the biggies haven’t written the latest “comprehensive” surf paddling book. But I remember you saying that this folks don’t like to write much…

Too bad 'cause I think there would be a market for one.


Oh. Nevermind

This book is pretty good
the best info I have seen yet.

James Fennimore Cooper

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Don't take this as an offense Cooldoctor ... but to some extent you are becoming the James Fennimore Cooper of Paddlingnet. Cooper wrote the famous Leatherstocking tales of adventure in the American Frontier with tales of wild Indians, when he had never ventured into the country and had no first hand knowledge of the indians. All he knew came from books and he is famous for ludicrous descriptions of American Indians.

Checking your profile and seeing your favorite paddling spot is Clinton Lake! I wonder about you chiming in on surfing. Go paddle the Rock, Embarrass, Des plains, Illinois, Apple, Little Washbash, Fox, Wisconsin ... so many cool little rivers near you, get your butt in your boat and go get some real local experience.

I guess what I am saying is if all you know comes from books and videos, keep your finger off the trigger until you have some more experience. Ready, fire aim ...

With Kindest regards,


got em
Thanks much

i am just a book hound…i NEED to have the latest-of course…

thanks everyone…


on their way
it and another book are on their way from the UK now…