Books on design

Any recommendations on a book or books concerning kayak design. I would like to learn more about just exactly what a “british” boat is or how to tell when a chine becomes hard (at what specific angle). Those sort of things. Any help as always will be appreciated.



one possibility

I will get this one as a start. Anybody else with a suggestion?


British Boats
You will not find any books that will answer those questions. A “british” boat is first and foremost a boat built in Britain.

A chine does not become hard or soft at a specific angle. It has more to do with the radius where the side transitions to the bottom. However, there is no specific radius which is defined as hard or soft.

When it comes down to it “british” or “hard-chine” will not tell you much of any value about a boat. A design that is “british style” doe not necessarily perform in a certain way. You can not learn anything certain about a boat just because someone says it has a hard chine. There are many other factors in design that are more important.

John Winters’ book that some one else suggested will help you learn what really does matter.

Check out…
Nick Schade’s book:

The Strip-Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build (Paperback

Nick offers some explanations regarding the questions you have.


Thanks a bunch.
I probably picked bad examples for questions, but it does show my ignorance of the subject quite clearly. I am a bit of a freak and tend to want to be informed and educated about a topic if I am involved in same. I have been exposed to so much new information in the past couple months that I am feeling more than just a little stupid at times. I guess the most important thing is that I get out and paddle as often as I can and I am having a great time.


Much good info online
Here’s some great hydrostatic stuff to get you started.