I am still recovering from my last knee surgery and was hoping for suggestions on a good kayaking book. I have a minor setback in my rehab an there is just no way for me to get out there and get in the water right now. I would love to find a good book, or story of kayaking adventure, fiction or not, doesnt matter, just a great story.

rowing to latitude
It is one of my favorite adventure books. More about rowing than kayaking, but there is a kayak in it.

On Celtic Tides
by Chris Duff was an interesting read IMHO. Especially good if you have some interest in Irish history.

Right now 'm reading On Celtic Tides… by Chris Duff.

Nice read, not a complete edge of the seater kind of book, but refreshing in the fact that it is not of the I’m the greatest paddler on earth type of book.

…some nice adventure on the water exploration books in case you want to broaden the category…

Paul Caffyn
I rather enjoyed Paul Caffyn’s “Dreamtime Voyage”. A bit hard to get a copy in North America; I ended up emailing Mr. Caffyn himself and ordering directly from him.


sea kayaking?
or WW?

If sea kayaking, check out Chris Duff’s Southern Exposure (2003), The Globe Pequot Press. ISBN 0-7627-2595-8 about his solo circumnavigation of New Zealands South Island.

Also, if you’ve never seen it, check out Sea Kayaker’s “Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine”.

Hope your knee’s feeling better. Both good reads.

Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak
"Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak" by Victoria Jason who attempted the NW Passage two years ago…sort of solo part of the way…a great true story account. She has since died a few years ago.

“During the summers of 1991 through 1994 Victoria Jason and two companions - Fred Reffler and Don Starkell - set out to kayak from Churchill, Manitoba to Tuktoyuktuk on the Beaufort Sea. When she set out 1991, Victoria, already a grandmother of two, had only been kayaking for a year and was still recovering from the second of two strokes.

Her 7,500 kilometer journey last four years. In the first year Fred dropped out due to an injury, and Victoria suffered serious internal bleeding ulcers. The second year Victoria and Don reached Gjoa Haven together, but Victoria was forced to drop out there, suffering from edema caused by excessive fatigue. Don continued alone and almost died from extreme frostbite before being rescued by authorities just 46 miles short of Tuktoyuktuk.

Not content with her failure, Victoria returned to the North the following two years and completed her triumphant journey alone from west to east, paddling from Fort Providence on the MacKenzie River to Paulatuk in 1993, and from Paulatuk to Gjoa Haven in 1994.

Among the Inuit people she became known as the Kabloona (the Inuktitut word for stranger) in the Yellow Kayak.”

Seekers of the Horizon
Not strictly kayaking, but an interesting read about the history of trans-oceanic and very long voyages in very small boats.

Without a Paddle.
the Watertribe race around Florida.

Great book
Kabloona is really a great book, although with a sad end.

Deep Trouble is a must have…

Try reading Paul Theroux “Happy Isles of Oceania” interesting read about his paddle from New Zeland through the Polynesian islands.(non-fiction)

All great
suggestions. Not kayaking but I’ll suggest a couple others to while away the recovery time. Born To Run by Chris Mcdougall and Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. Both are outdoor/adventure themed; riveting, non-fiction stories with great characters.

Good luck with the knee.

This are great suggestions, I’ve called the local bookstore on a couple, they are not on the shelf, so I am ordering at least two tommorrow. Hopefully they will be in next week. For anyone into Mountain climbing/adventure, I found the Seven Summits as well as The Climb both to be compelling stories. I just finished Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Jon Turk
In the Wake of the Jomon, also Cold Oceans by Turk. And Chris Duff 's Southern Exposure is a really good read.

Running the Amazon
"Running the Amazon" by Joe Kane is one of best kayak adventure books you can read. A classic.

Kayaking the Inside Passage
Kayaking the Inside Passage by Robert H. Miller

This would be a good one.

More about the Inside Passage
Kayaking the Inside Passage by Robert H. Miller

Miller has a good website for info, additional info and purchasing the book directly from Him. Too.

A Cat In A Kayak
might not be what you are looking for but this is a wonderful book to read to the kids. i just bought a copy of it for my6yo son and he loves it. he even took it to school so that his teacher could read to to the class.

I just finished Running the Amazon, great read, and highly recommended.