Boothbay Maine

Anybody know a good outfitter in Boothbay, Me… Will be in the area the 3rd week of Sept.

Contact Ken Fink…one of the best…
Ken is just north of Boothbay Harbor…about 35 minues.

Poseidon Kayak Imports, Walpole, ME. 207-644-8329.



Boothbay Coach
Contact John Carmody at:

Seconding John Carmody
John is in Boothbay and is worth knowing. We spent two days last month working with him on Muscongus Bay.

Ken Fink is also very good.

Booth Bay
Thanks for the suggestions

What Days
Will you be in Boothbay? There is a good size group from NH headed up the weekend of the 15th. And I’m putting something together in the area with friends that same weekend 14th-16th


Wek 0f th 24
Shawn thanks for the dates but I will be there the following week. If you are ever in Fl. let me know we have some great spots.

Kayak outfitter in Boothbay Harbor
Try Tidal Transit in the harbor:

Ask for Travis. I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences dealing with him.


Well I hope you
have a great time there. I have the Deerfield fair to get ready for that following weekend. So I couldn’t make it up there then. Lots of cool things to see in Boothbay. I’m not sure I haven’t been up this year. But the HMS Bounty was being worked on at the boat yard in harbor last year. Burnt Island lighthouse isn’t a far paddle. It’s just as you start to leave the harbor. There is also a little aquarium in the harbor. And lots of good places to eat. If you go way into the back of the harbor. There is a small Kayak shop with a good resterant right next to it. There is a parking lot there $10.00 for the day to park. That’s were I usually put in. It’s not a ramp just the edge of the parking lot dropping into the harbor. It’s a rocky launch site. But if you can get your car/truck on an edge spot it’s a convenint spot. Hope you have a good time.

Good Journey’s