Boots: following advice

So was suggested I get some tall boots so that I can enter my cockpit while floating instead of pushing off the gravel. I wear a size 12, and am paddling a 15 foot WS cape horn. Not a ton of foot room. So what boots should I get? If you have some you love, do they size true to form?

Chota Quicklace Mukluks…
be de ticket fer me. Ah’ git one size bigger fer gittin’ a fleece sock in it an’ waan ah’ waars me drysuit ah’ use a pair dat be 2 sizes bigger. NRS makes a Boundary Boot dat be simoolar an’ a wee bit less wampum, but ah’ think de Chotas be made a bit better. Ah’ gots both mine fer about 8-10 years now an’ dems still goin’ good.



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The Kokatat Nomad is essentially their Seeker neoprene bootie with a tall waterproof gaiter up to the knee. This will be lower volume than a real boot or mukluk if you need the space, but won't give you the warmth of a real boot. I have Seekers which are nice, although a little on the narrow side.

EDIT looking at the photo more closely, I see that the Nomad is thicker at the toe and heel, and appears to have more sole protection. This is good, as I had to add an insole to my Seekers to get some extra protection from pointy rocks.

Chota Mukluks

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I think they're called "Lites". No laces. Low calorie? I forget if they run big or small.

They run a bit large.

I wear 13s in everything but Choders where I wear a 12

Boundary Shoe’s, which are guaranteed waterproof or they will take them back. NRS has excellent Customer Service and as FE says “less wampum”!