Boots for big feet

I’m trying to find a pair of mukluks or similar paddling boots I can wear in the winter. My problem is I need size 14-15. Any other paddlers with extra large feet have ideas? I’d cut off my toes, but they’ve grown on me. Oh, I also need them wide, and boxes won’t work since I still have to fit them under the seat when I kneel.

Try the Sportsman’s Guide

I’ve gotten such things from Chota.
Even if they don’t have my size, 15, their size 14 usually fits loose and is comfortable.

My Chota experience is

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similar - they run a size large for my feet.

Good luck!

My Chota Mukluks are way bigger than
my size 13 feet, esp. the width.

I like the chota’s
And tried to order a pair. Unfortunately they don’t make the size 14 anymore. Where can I find the sportsmans guide? I’ve looked through the gear guide and cook’s has my size, but it’s too much boot for what I need/want. I appreciate the feedback.