boots for scuba and paddling?

I would like to buy new boots. They will be mostly for paddling. But, hopefully someday I can go diving again and I would like to use them inside scuba fins. Any of you folks do both and have suggestions on considerations, models? I figure I don’t want a strap over the ankle that might make a wear point with the fin. I have not done that much diving and it has been a while, so not sure what makes a good scuba fin. But, I thought there must be someone on here that has used booties for both. thanks for any ideas.

I tried
I had booties for WW and booties for sea kayaking. I had booties for windsurfing. None of the three worked for diving. They were too big, or too stiff, or the fasteners got in the way. Booties I bought for diving also did not work for paddling or wind surfing.

I’ve used my dive booties for paddling
They are too thin bottomed to work well for long walks on rocks, but otherwise were fine. This same thinness actually makes them more comfy within the boat than some bigger or stiffer bottomed boots/sandals. Some newer booties have an extra stub on the ankle to keep fins put that do seem to get in my way for paddling, but the right dive booty can be okay for paddling.


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I have a pair of booties I use for both scuba and paddling. Deep Sea brand, maybe? Just a plain-jane pair of black ones with a little bit of a sole that I got at the dive shop.

That may well be my only piece of gear that carries over between the sports, come to think of it. :|

Booties for both

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I have divers boots I use in the kayak. One thing you should be aware of: good SCUBA boots have a lump or knob that sticks out above the heel which is meant to keep the fin strap from sliding off. I cut them off the booties I used for kayaking since your heels are on the floor of the kayak. Some won't have the knob but many do.

Here's a boot picture where you can see the lump.

my lovely wife likes hers
for paddling. Has Deep Sea Atlantic model after trying another model that had bump Jay cited.