I just bought myself a pair of NRS Dry Pants. I wear a size 9.5 shoe any idea on what size Paddling Boot or Shoe I should purchase to wear with the der pants

Presuming you’ll be wearing a thick sock under the booties, a 10 or even a full size up. Cramped toes get cold.

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Depends on the brand and model. Fit is not consistent across brands. Best to try them on at a brick and mortar store or, if you have to mail order, read as many reviews as you can on line to see if people remark on fit. Usually best to go up a size, though if you are a half size normally the boots only come in full sizes. Good tip to get them big enough for socks. You won’t be hiking long distances in them so snug supportive fit is irrelevant in paddling footwear.

Similar size and situation here. I went 11 in boot and it fit just right.

I’ve bought shoes at both REI and EMS (when they were local). I took my drysuit and heavy wool socks into the store with me and tried the shoes on with the drysuit and socks on.

That’s the only way to be sure the shoes will fit comfortably. There’s simply too much variability in shoe sizes, sometimes even in the same brand.