Border crossing Question: Ohio-Canada

Does anyone know what the regulations are crossing the border into the Canadian Bass Islands (Pelee Island in particular) from the Ohio Bass Islands??? I have Googled every key word I can think of and can’t find anything on it.

Canada sells “remote entry passes” for crossing the border at Quetico, the N Shore L Superior and Drummond/Cockburn Islands, but I see no mention of such passes for remote entry at other points. I’d like to put together an Ohio to Canada trip.

Once we get to Canada can we cross back into the US w/o any hastles. And where is the Duty Free store there?

Border crossing
I would put in a phone call to the Canadians at the nearest official border crossing and ask about the procedure. Not all of the world’s information is on the internet. :wink: Sailboats and motorboats must do something similar, but it is possible that the rules say that they must stop first at an official customs station. This might be impractical for a kayak, depending on the location.

This web site has a phone number to call.

I have crossed international boundaries by boat before, but that was a pretty relaxed border. Given heightened security, I could imagine problems, but maybe more likely from the US customs people on the return. You should also talk to US customs people.


Yup I agree with RA…
I used to work for them. Crossings will never be as easy as they used to be before 911. You should carry all your ID-birth cert., driver’s lic. wirh you and I believe you have to report to them when you land on Canadian soil-contacting them ahead might br your best bet for info also. If you’ve never crossed be careful-the lake can be nasty quite suddenly. I know someone whp was ALONE and thrown out of their yak 3 times!And make sure you tell someone your estimated arrival time,etc. I doubt that I’ll ever cross that far on that lake-not brave enough…not on a yak or canoe anyway…good luck!

Pelee island
If you are brave enought to venture into the lake and head to Pelee island, you will have to land at either Scidder marina or where the Jiiman (ferry) docks. There is a Canada Customs booth there or a phone to call in your arrival. They will need to know all your information including your boat. You don’t need passes.

At scudder marina there is a phone as well and marina staff can help you out.

One bass island, south of pelee is owned by the gov’t and no one is there…you can camp but be warying of the birds and snakes.

If your are really venturish, Leamington, or Point Pelee is another 10km (approx) across the lake. You would have to check in at leamington marina.

I would be very wary and make sure you have at least one more very experienced person with you. The lake can churn up quickly and the frieghters have a tendancy to not stop for yaks. pleasure craft can also be a nuisance and they don watch for yaks.

I am from leamington, so I do have knwoledge of the area.

Another word of caution
The lake can be very rough. Ther are lots of big freighters, and foolish pleasure power boaters.

that wont do
that wont do and/or help since he will have been in canada and the out of canada about 3 months prior to entering your Pelee island area. hes entering the states on the Mouse and Souris Rivers on the ND and manitoba border etc.