Boreal Design Inukshuk and Fjord

Hi, I was wondering if any experienced kayakers out there have tried out both of these models and could offer me a comparison of the two. I have an opportunity to buy one or the other, but I do not have the opportunity to test out both (one is 350 km west ( the fjord), the other is 800km se), not sure if it would matter as I am a newbie to kayaking ( not to paddling or tripping). I have read the specs on both, and the typical advertising. I have also corresponded with someone who is very impressed with Inukshuk. I am 5’8", 175 lbs. Storage isn’t an issue on either.

Any thoughts much appreciated,

QCC kayaks
have you looked at them? Free shipping and return shipping if you do not like it.

Light, fast, great all around kayak.

That’s no answer…

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Hi again, thanks for the suggestion. I did browse the qcc website, nice kayaks but out of my price range. I should have mentioned that the two boats I am looking at are rental sell off’s, both plastic, both '06 boats.

Rented an Inukshuk
last summer for a day. All I can remember was that it did not have a lot of primary stability. I did a lot of research and test paddles, and finally settled on a CD Sirocco. I had a RM Tempest 170 for a while but returned it because of poor quality.

Stay away from Boreal
I had a Boreal Kayak once, and had trouble with it. I tried getting help from Boreal, and they ended up telling me to quit bothering them.

I proved it was a problem with their boat, but they refused to accept the thought that something “they designed” could have a problem. You can read my review on the Boreal Nanook if you want more detail.

Sorry I can’t help you on the specific boats you are asking about, but wanted to give you feedback on Boreal in general.

If you buy a used kayak, just nmake sure the dealer will “stand behind it” well. I wouldn’t reccommend my worst enemy to buy anything made by Boreal.

Boreal Fjord
I have the Fjord kayak. This is my third full year with it. Haven’t paddled the Inukshuk. The Fjord is a very good beginner/intermediate kayak as it is very stable and fast enough. I have the skeg model which I like both because I prefer a skeg over a rudder but also the skeg model comes with a low back rest with plastic seats and it is very comfortable for me. For me the rudder model with the high backrest and padded seat was extremely uncomfortable. You might want to try it out whatever seat it comes withto see if it is comfortable for you.

I have had other paddlers use my kayak and they tell me it rolls very easy (I am over 60 years and don’t plan to learn to roll at this stage). It doesn’t leak at all when rolled. It turns very easy with little lean. I have the kevlar model and it is light as well.

In terms of service from Boreal…I had a number of discussions with them before buying the kayak and I thought they gave me good information. I have had no problems with the kayak so can’t comment on after sale service, but the dealer I purchased from and they continue to sell Boreal tell me that service has not been an issue with them.

The Boreal is pretty high volume for it’s length as it is a deep kayak. I have had men weighing 240-250 use the kayak and it paddled well. If you are slender you might find the cockpit a bit cavernous.

Don’t know if this helps.


He’s not buying from Boreal
He’s buying a used plastic rental boat from an outfitter. He doesn’t want to hear endless rants about your bad experience with Boreal.He just wants info on the boats themselves.

Both boats, in plastic with rudders, are in my family. My brother-in-law has the Fjord and my sis has the Inukshuk and are happy with them. I’ve paddled both, 5’8" 165lbs and fit better in the Inukshuk - a little roomy in the Fjord. I don’t find either very tippy - we’ve fished from them and we’re fairly new to kayaking. I prefer the Inukshuk and think it’s the faster of the two. I upgraded my 15’ boat just to keep up - splurged on an Impex Force 4 but seriously considered the Inukshuk. Can’t comment on after sales service since there’s been no problems so far. Hope this helps.

I haven’t paddled em but my brother has
and he says the Fjord is a smoother boat, faster, easier to turn, tho stability is a bit less than the Inukshuk. if that can help any, there you go. I’d say find someone that sells them, no doubt they have these model’s in their rental fleet :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the feedback, much appreciated! I still haven’t completely made up my mind ( some variables involved that no one can help me with eg driving time for pick up vs the model I really want), and it seems I likely won’t go wrong with either. I was initially leaning towards the Inukshuk as a dealer website I looked at described it as a beginner boat while they described the Fjord as an intermediate, but the posts above suggest that this distinction is marginal…so thanks again, in the near future I will be dropping by with a review of the Inukshuk…or was it the Fjord I decided on…