Boreal Design Sedna

I have a chance at picking up a used Sedna by boreal design for a decent price, but the one review on here sounds like it had some sort of hull issue for that particular boat. has anyone else paddled a sedna? What did you think of it?

I would take the review with a grain of salt. I test paddled several highly recommended name brand kayaks and the one that fit me the best was a WS zephyr 160. A poly kayak no less. Test paddle it and see how you like it, if there is no hull damage, flip it and see if the hatches leak, etc. I had a chance at a boreal but the seller did not think I should have to test paddle it, cause it was such a great kayak, I passed. The only way to know if a kayak is for you is to try it out. If you are a bigger guy, try the impex assateague, CD solstice, eddyline nighthawk 17.5. The fathom was nice but I have large feet and my left foot was numb within 5 minutes, but the oerson who owned one for the paddle trip loved it. Maybe a different seat angle would have helped. Try the test paddle with conditions similar to your planned usage. Good luck, John

Lots of people seem to like the zephyr, I thought it looked cool and tried it, seemed to me to be a barge, felt like I was dragging the whole lake behind me, VERY slow.

Bill H.

Has anyone actually paddled a sedna?