boreal designs esperanto

looking for input on this tandem kayak I may trade one of my kayaks for one.


It is nice
I paddled one a number of years ago. As an 18’ plastic tandem it was nice. Low volume and decent fitting cockpits. Not a lot of storage and I was disappointed that the center hatch only opened up to the stern paddler’s feet, but a nice day-touring boat on big water. It doesn’t have enough storage for extended trips in my opinion. I really liked the looks of the boats compared to similar boats.

Boreal Design tandem

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I'm not sure we are talking the same boat. I've paddled a number of the Esperatos in Canada as they are the ones that many of the outfitters use. I remember it as 19'6, pretty indestructible with a large rudder They weigh in at close to 100 lbs so that is something to keep in mind. I like the type of hatch covers they use, nice and roomy. The center hatch does open up to the same compartment of the rear paddler, sometimes I think of adding a bulkhead there but other times I like it for extra bulky gear.
We purchased the Boreal Design Bulga, the composite tandem they offer at 21 feet long, but a lighter weight and of course more $$, but we love it. I think either boat would be fine for a weeks trip, but of course the longer boat gives you a bit more room.

Good boat
You need to paddle it but highly recommend. All plastic tandems are heavy but the Boreal is a nice boat to paddle and we use for both day trips and multi-day with tons of gear. Comfortable seats, good outfitting, and reliable rudder/pedal systems.

We have experience with Necky, Wilderness Systems, and Current Designs. We currently have dozens of Esperantos in our outfitter fleet. IMO, the best of the best.

thanks I just picked one up
and yes it is 19’6 not 18’ amnd there is a ton of room for gear the center hatch has not been cut yet but I’d like to cut it and bulkhead it off for another stoage compartment I’ll have to locate a hatch cover and bulkhead now. can’t wait to take it out the water and see how she handles.

thanks for the input!

happy paddling…

I said a number of years ago
So my memory wasn’t perfect. I’d believe 19’6". I just remember thinking about adding another bulkhead, but realizing that my feet occupied the space where the bulkhead would have to go.

Enjoy the boat. Tandems are fun. I picked up a C-Tug for moving my Aleut Sea II and love it. I strongly recommend saving room in a hatch for a good cart.

that’s an unfortunate choice of name
"Esperanto"? Why not just call it the “Edsel” and save on text?