Boreal Mukluk


I am looking at a Boreal Mukluk (used from a friend). Though I have my eye on a Wilderness Systems Tsunami, the used boat is more in my budget. Has anyone paddled this before? Any thoughts? I would take this in the ocean/tidal areas and lakes.



Have you sat in it?

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I don't know the boat but the cockpit is on the narrow side - great for me but maybe less so for you. (assuming you mean the Mutluk)

It’s Muktuk

Muktuk: an Inuit word for whale hide and fat. Eaten raw, muktuk is traditional Inuit food. Despite its rubbery consistency, the Inuit love its hazelnut taste.

The boat has a very low profile while being fairly wide - 23". I cannot paddle it without severe sciatica developing within minutes becuse the low coaming forces the backs of my thighs down against the front edge of the seat. If I had to paddle it regularly I would have to replace or remove the seat.

I strongly recommend you test-paddle it for at least 15 minutes.

deck height
If you require the deck height and cockpit size of the tsunami I dont think the mukluk will work.

Ryan L.

Need to try it out
Thanks for the responses.

I haven’t yet tried it out, though I certainly would if I was really interested. I’m looking for something that can hold gear for a several day trip, that handles well in big water and is a good fit (comfortable) for me.

As for how it handles in big water, I would be particularly interested in something that will handle well in a variety of wave/tide/current/wind conditions. How good is the secondary stability? How quick can I get it turned around for a rescue? How will is perform during rescues (towing, self-rescue, boat over boat). I know some of the answers will only come when I get in and try it out in those conditions. One of the things I liked about the Tsunami was the day hatch. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe it was more narrow, thus would be a bit faster on the water.

@Celia: yes, that was supposed to be Mutluk.

I’m 5’8" and about 170 lbs.