Boreal Muktuk - feedback

I archived feedback on this boat and found very little. Anyone out there have any experience with this kayak or a point of view you’d like to share ?

i demoed
I demoed a Muktuk last year. It was a ~30 min paddle in flat water with some wind and boat wakes.

I thought it was pretty neat. Pretty quick, fairly manouverable.

I thought it is probably a very decent stable lower volume day paddle/weekend camping boat.

Boreal posts 210 lbs load capacity, and i think theyre a bit on the cautious side of the ballpark but it is not a heavy person’s boat.

What i’d HAVE TO do to it if i bought one-#1Add thigh braces,#2-change the awful seat back.#3 add Seaward’s locking gas pedal footpegs.

Hatches-i like and trust the hard cover/neoprene hatches and the Kajak sport or Valley hatches. The style Muktuk uses is like the ones on Ocean Kayak sit on tops and Impex kayaks with the seal that looks like a car trunk weatherstripping around the hatch and a lid over it. Probably works fine but wouldn’t be my preference. The people at the store seemed impressed with the Boreal plastic, but honestly i thought it felt on the soft side to me.