I am new to kayaking & have recently purchased the Emotion Glide kayak. Now I am looking for the right paddle. I found someone selling the BORÉALDESIGN paddles & after some light reading am considering the Delphina or the Archipel. I haven’t been able to find too much on these paddles, does anyone have any comments about this brand paddle or a specific model?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Try before you buy. I usually suggest that people don’t get sold on a specific brand or model based on posted specs, but instead recommend that you try out what is available locally to you to see what feels good to you.

Check with your local kayak shop(s) to see if they have paddles you can demo. Generally, if you buy from a general sporting good store (like Dicks, EMS, REI, etc.) they won’t have demos. But if you go to a kayak specific retailer, they often will.

Other option is to check with other local paddlers and see what they are using and if you can borrow one for a short time just to test and see how it feels.

Tried No Drippers
When Joe and I started Placid boats we were, of course, looking for accessory paddles and tried the Boreal No-Drip models.

The point on the inside bottom edge directs low angle water from the blade back into the pond. Both Joe and I use ~ high angle strokes, so the tip directed water into our laps. Needless to say, we looked further.

Thanks for the help!
Thanks Peter-CA & CEWilson! You gave very good advice & these were not things I had considered. I decided to pass on the BORÉALdesign paddles with the concerns over dripping & understanding the need to really try them hands on first. I’m looking forward to getting out on the water!