Bored with rec kayak

I started kayaking a Perception Acadia 12.3 a month ago. It became really boring really fast.

Can anyone recommend a next level kayak? I’m 275lbs and 6 feet tall. I like getting a real workout on the water and don’t care about speed or distance.

I don’t do any tripping or overnight, just a few hours during the day.

I have plenty of class I and II nearby.


I have an eighteen foot kevlar sea kayak and a 17 foot poly one, and I am eagerly looking forward to paddling in my nine foot rec kayak (an Old Keowee) tomorrow with one of my many daughters and my wife in their rec yaks.

You need to try a bunch and then decide for yourself.



…the rec boats are usually boringly stable

which is a nice feature when your just lazing

along, fishing, or paddling in a lake when it’s

so cold that a dunking could be dangerous.

I sometimes take my Loon to the local lake quite

early and go back to sleep in it. Like floating

on a large water bed.

As much as I like my Prijon Barracuda, I’d never

try that in it!

Keep the boat you have and demo something like a Prijon Kodiak or one of the spiffy sit on tops.

Pouch E68
Pouch boats in Germany is selling off its stock of these boats - “Single 2000”. Their announcement is in German on the New & Events link at

Maybe you could arrange an import through Ralph at

Definitely not boringly stable, but able to hand chop and boat wakes, wind and beam seas with aplomb. I bought a very much used E68 middle of this season, and can’t get enough of it.

Also, Folbot is having a one day sale on October 17 - see their site:

Folbot’s Cooper and Kodiak might interest you.

Comments from users of all their boats, along with pictures and excellent general kayaking info at:

Good luck with whatever you choose,


Prijon Kodiak
might be right on the edge weight wise tho.

I agree with McYak and rroberts
The Prijon Kodiak, for your size, should be ideal… fast for size, pleenty of storage (I know, you don;t do overnighters; me either but still fun to throw in a picnic basket – any yak that fits you well would, apriori, have plenty of fore and aft storage), and very fun. Less stable than your current yak, so good for learning. The Barracuda that rroberts and I own would, I think, be too tight a cockpit for your size. (I took the Cuda on the pond behind my house–small–last evening and managed to stay upright for a 45 minute paddle, rroberts! Pleased. Next big water lake is on Friday for me). You really should check out the Prijon Kodiak.