Boston Harbor -good launch place?

Can any of you locals direct me to a launch place close to Castle Island where we could explore the harbor.

Last year we launched in Hingham, but it was a little too far to get to the harbor proper by the time we played around the Islands.

We’ll be coming from the south shore.

Jack L

one of my favorite launch sites


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your gonna have a wicked long paddle from there my friend. o.k. get off at the gas tanks right there is a park that is suitable for launchig. or malibu beach and a nice secret little spot for yah is behind the old shrafts candy factory in charlestown on the mystic river it has a nice boat ramp with ample safe parking. also at the deer island sewer station is also a good entry point depending on weather. google map them with satellite view and see for yourself. have fun watch out for the great whites.

“the deer island sewer station is also a good entry point depending on weather”…



Windmill Point?
In Hull is about 4 miles give or take from Pleasure Bay. Depending on your taste for how far you want to go, that’s a good launch.


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Getting in your last MA paddle before you have to wear a PFD? :)

Launch at the high school in Hull by the wind mill (as Wayne said). It is about a a 1/4 mile to the first island and maybe less than a mile to Georges Island which has a nice fort to check out. Have fun

I would be wearing one out there any way. Especially with the rip going through Hull Gut.

When does that stupid law become effective, and what is the fine if I get caught in a three foot deep pond with out it on?

jack L

Time frame
When are you going to be there?

Is that place by the gas tank…
good at all tides ?

jack L