Boston Harbor in June

Doing a day trip in Boston Harbor at the beginning of June. I’m wondering what the water temperature will be then and what the recommended clothing would be.

Any suggestions?


Cold Water - Lot’s of Clothes
Boston Harbor, more so this year, will be cold in June. Right now the surf temp is around 46 deg F. Don’t expect it to get much above 55 by the end of June unless we have a ton of days over 90 deg F.

For clothing, at least wear a farmer john and a dry or semi dry top with a layer of mystery or hydroskin for your arms. Drysuit would be ideal, but the FJ and top combo will be adequate if a warm day.


darn, that’s cold!!
water temp here in Jacksonville, Fl is 75.

sorry to rub it in. :slight_smile:

Not cold
It’s invigorating!

It’s Been Balmy…
I haven’t had to wear gloves for last three weeks. :slight_smile:

Depends on your skills. Drysuit would obviously be the safest. Drytop and 3 mm FJ will suffice if you don’t come out of your boat, or you don’t stay out of the boat too long when you do.


Guess it’s the drysuit