Boston Harbor Islands from the south

a few years ago we launched from a site near the Hingham circle, but is was loaded with mud at low tide.

Coming up 3-A from the south shore are there any other better places to launch to get to some of the Islands ?

jack L

pemberton point, hull

– Last Updated: Jul-05-15 10:54 PM EST –

steep gravel sand beach launch, that is facing just inside Hingham Bay. Paddle Hingham Bay for the protected islands. Shoot through adjacent Hull Gut and then you heading to the outer islands (and open to effects of any easterly ocean swells).

There is parking right by the launch area, near the high school.


Yup - Pemberton Point
Also known as Windmill Point - that’s where our local club launches when they do their harbor island trip

Many thanks
Hopefully we’ll be trying that out sometime within the next two weeks.

jack L