Boston Kayak Storage

I am currently seeking a place to store my two kayaks both 14’ft. I looking into the kayak storage but $750 a year seems a bit expensive for outside storage. Anyone have any ideas?

Try asking at

$750 = expensive?..not for Boston

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Your boats just traversed the lifestyle of Boston burbs...there's the working & play harder crowd...then there's the working and To-be-seen crowd. Have to make the choice, might wanna move further out(if possible)..OTHW might wanna look to storage just over the border, away from coast, in Maine or possibly up along the ME coast somewhere.
..But might be some storage up north just inside NH or ME never know. 14' can go diagonally pretty well.. $.01

Might be the only option…
Wife and I are both chefs so at a average of 60+ hours a week every second is precious for us to get on the water.

At 14’, storage is usually 20’ long in a garage size 10x20 or 10x14’

There are no 6’x14’

$800 sounds reasonable.

However there are marina with racks and paddling clubs where storage may be shared.

However the problem there is you are ( or more likely not) insured. The gathering of boats also gives a traffic of paddling thieves.