Bottle first aid kit

Someone posted a while back that they build a killer first aid kit in a Nalgene bottle. Could you email me off line? Besides being a paddler, I’m a scout master. This sounds like something handy for my scouts to build/have around. And it’s even a requirement on all their campouts.

Thanks in advance,

John Parker

Here is a list of contents
from a commercially-marketed one.


That one looks good.
I seem to remember someone posting a note that they hand made one and everyone that they gave one too was really impressed at how much was in there and what was in there. Sorry I’m giving such vague hints. they didn’t work in search either… :frowning:

My only concern
is that to access all the items you have to dump out nearly all the contents. Probably be a good idea to carry a bandanna just for that purpose.


Try this for scouts
I built my first aid/survival kit in a small fanny pack. It has easy access to contents and more importantly can be made more “forget/loss proof”. This idea is endorsed by one of the Rocky Mountain rescue groups because you can strap on the fanny pack independently of a backpack and it is still with you if you set the backpack down or become separated from it. A Nalgene bottle can be more easily misplaced than a fanny pack that is attached to you.

Burrito-style container
Some tow ropes are bundled inside a burrito-style wrapper instead of a sack. Also some tents.

Better yet, how about a homemade wrapper: start with a rectangle of fabric and add a couple of small pockets for the easy-to-drop items, then wrap everything else like a burrito. Sew on a Fastex buckle with short strap to secure it when it’s rolled up.

hey there, Skippy
you MIGHT be talking about my survival kit in a peanut butter jar. It is a first aid kit with MUCH more.

I looked for the threads, but couldn’t find it in the archives. From your description I thought it may be me, since I gave out two as gift. Both recipients are nurses.

YES you do need to take out nearly everything to get some items. That is an annoyance, but I didn’t design this kit for when I get splinter from a strainer. I have quick access kit stuff for those issues. The peanut butter jar is in my dry bag with spare clothes, in the camping gear, in the trunk of the car, it is there for slightly larger problems.

But here is much of the contents. I have made each one slightly different. They are each suited to the person I made it for you, special needs and the like. So here is list of one I have sitting here in the basement:

-2 birthday candles

-“waterproof” matches and striker

-mini lighter

-“fire plugs” homemade (cotton+Vaseline, wrapped in plastic and a little duct tape

-2 pairs of rubber gloves

-2 tongue depressors

-2 hair ties

-mini sharpie

-glow stick

-2 two inch gauze pads

-ABD pad

-rolled gauze

-stretch gauze

-“ACE” bandage


-2 knuckle bandage


-butterfly bandage stitches


-alcohol prep pads

-iodine prep pad

-wet naps

-insect bit stuff

-antibiotic cream

This is my camp site kit for injuries. in my others I have less gauze and more little items like tin foil, multi-tool, pen with end wrapped with duck tape, paper, EVERYthing is in separate plastic bags (various sizes and styles). The kit in my kayak’s deck bag is in a large freezer storage bag.

I know you said to email you, but I like to share all this. If you would like other detail I would gladly write an email. ALSO you need to buy the book “Build the Perfect Survival Kit”. it is a wonderful addition to the home library.


That’s the one.
Thanks for the list. I also tried to email you from the original thread. I discovered it this morning.