Bottom of canoe bent ... suggestions ...

I went canoeing this afternoon and loaded my Old Town Guide 147 into the back of my pickup truck(standard bed).

Now there is a slight indentation perpendicular to the length of the canoe where the end of the tailgate was(about in the center). The canoe was unloaded for transport and had no weight in it.

Any ideas how I can fix this? And how can I stop it from happening again?


put it in gunwale down
Poly does crease. Its probably not permanent. Some people try applying gentle heat to the crease.

But there is a risk…

Just try putting it gunwale up on the floor for a while and see what happens

You have a lot of overhang that is unsupported and if you carry the boat like that again the creasing will happen again.

Hot water
you might try placing a couple of towels over the area and then pour some boiling hot water from a tea kettle onto the towels and repeat a few times. I’ve done this on my poly kayak with some success.

Before you do anything
Do nothing for about a day and a half

Store it gunwale down on saw horses and there is a good chance the dent will pop out on it’s own overnight. Been there done that

I’ll give these a try Sunday. I may place it on the saw horses in the sun and see what happens, thanks

alas, your lucky to own a shape shifter,
not just anybody gets to do that- its all about attitude, drink some beer and see if the dents are still there, if that don’t fix it, drink a lot of beer. The dings will either fix themselves or you’ll forget they’re there.

Lot’s of liquid attitude? So…
…that’s what’s afoot here!

Sure enough, I’ve been applyin’ your method for years now, and indeed the environment 'round here has maintained a continual shiftiness ‘bout it. Only problem I see with it, least in this generally blurred and obfuscated picture presented, is that the fleet seems to be shiftin’ towards a tattered collage of painfully rendered scrimshaw, whilst my own personal vessel has presently taken on a bad case of reverse hogback in the midshipman. And, with regard to the latter, case-at-hand, I’m afraid laying it out in the bright sun might only produce “pop-outs” which exacerbate this downward shift.

Why don’t you carry it crossways, in
the cabin, on your gunrack?

Left the thing alone
Thanks all, I left the thing alone and it fixed it’s self.