Bottoms to go with my drytop

I have an old stohlquist drytop which I’m thinking of using in conjunction with some type of dry bottoms. I need it for cold water protection when canoeing so I won’t be wearing a spray skirt even though the drytop is made for mating with a sprayskirt. My concern is hypothermia if I take a swim when winter (northern California) boating on class II rivers. Being in the water isn’t likely, so being comfortable while dry is important. I’d appreciate any bottom suggetions or advice.

search dry bibs
here is a link for dry bibs, much cheaper than a full drysuit and mates up to a dry top with a double tunnel (I think that’s what it is called). $167

You last two sentences confuse me…
a bit, but it might be like our situation.

We have NRS dry pants and also their tops which are excellent, but with that said, we find them much too bulky for our liking.

So: what works for us is a pair of light weight polar fleece long johns with a pair of Bike Nashbar water proof biking pants over them. The pants are much lighter weight than the dry pants, but yet you can splash water over them all day long and stay dry and cozy.

We also keep a set of dry clothes in a dry bag just in case we tip.

That is our mode for rivers and lake paddling within easy reach of a shore.

If we are heding off shore we will wear the dry suits.



Dry Bibs
I used Kokatat dry bibs for years with a drytop. Makes a 2-piece drysuit when mated properly. But, you have to mate them correctly EVERY time.

I finally went to a one-piece suit because they’re easier to get in and out of.


Try Navarro breathable bibs … $70?
Scroll down to “Mystery Dry Pants” at:

A friend has these … they’re lighter weight than the non-breathable standard Kokatat ones, but otherwise seem solid and he likes them. I called them and they quoted me $70 US – Maybe it was on special? I haven’t ordered yet … other priorities.

Follow-up questions
Thanks for all the input. Can dry pants/bibs be purchased with feet instead of ankle gaskets? Also, my old bladder isn’t what it used to be, so might I need a relief zipper with the bibs? I’m assuming it wouldn’t be much of an issue with the pants.

bladder maintenance is a big issue with
dry pant and dry top combo. Mating them properly is not a task you will want to do often. I find myself managing my fluids so I don’t have to pee very often, if at all, during a trip.

…will soon be making the bibs in a Tropos fabric, and you can get them with socks and a relief zipper, too.

Hope that helps.