Bought a Kayak Online - advice wanted

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I bought a kayak for my fiancee online (Perception Tribute 12) - locally there wasn't anything available for her.

CEVA is the freight shipper. It is to be delivered today 9/15/2015 - any advice regarding receipt or potential "pitfalls"?

Certainly check it for shipping damage, but poly kayaks are fairly tough, and any structural damage should be visible. Iā€™d only expect problems if very heavy things were stacked on it or someone impaled it with a forklift.

Ceva shipping Kayak from

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So look for dents and holes. How likely are flat spots to occur - kayak traveled for 5 days and temps were cooler mid 70's.

Hopefully CEVA will be patient during inspection

Thanks for the input

Refused :frowning:
Well the boat had a significant warp or bow in the stern - bummer because this was for my fiancee.