Bought an NRS UltraJane, but

Yesterday I found it on sale (89.00)closeout, only size. My question has to do with fit. I have gone back and looked in the archives and talked with NRS, and I think it’s the right size.

Problem is I straddle between the sizes. I’m on the very high end of medium and the very low end of large weight and measurement wise. The medium is very snug especially in the butt,(be nice) but I’ve read that NRS says if you can get it on it’s not too tight. I understand how wetsuits work,so I’m thinking if I go larger it will not be effective. NRS says I should stay with the medium. Any thoughts? And yes I think I can lose a couple lbs in the rear.


tighter is better to a point
If you can get it on and move comfortably it should be fine.

seems to ease with time
I bought my wetsuit in 2005, based on the size info. It seemed very tight at the time. I did as you did, rechecked the sizing to be sure I didn’t make a mistake, or that the garment was mis-labelled.

Now, even though I’ve gained a few pounds, it seems to fit better, or I have become accustomed to it. I’d guess that a tight initial fit will give the most thermal protection for the most time.

Or go with another brand/model
Maybe NRS’s pattern just isn’t right for you. That’s why you want to try them on to compare.

I recently bought two new wetsuits at Sierra Trading Post (it’s in driving distance from home). During the process of trying out several, I found one model that had a lot of extra room in the butt and legs. Camaro makes a long-legged Farmer Jane called the “The Kayaker” or something like that. Unlike their other suits, this one was so roomy below that it was even baggier than baggy pants. I thought someone must’ve made a mistake designing it. So beware–the proportions can vary drastically from one model to another even within the same brand. I have two of their other suits and they don’t fit even remotely like The Kayaker.

I wore two size 5/6 shorty wetsuits for a couple of years before getting tired of feeling scrunched down by the too-short torsos and too-tight arms and shoulders. According to the mftr specs, they were the “right size” for me. They kept water out very well but actually made me tire more quickly. After switching to one size larger, I am much more comfortable and there is only a little more water infiltration (which doesn’t bother me much since the shorties are for summer use).

If you can get it on and it’s not
uncomfortable, it’s the right size. If it’s uncomfortable and you hate wearing it, get the larger size. I’m also at the high end of the medium and found it was uncomfortable so I got a large and am much happier when I wear it.

wet will be looser
Wet neoprene generally stretches and will be a bit loser. So do you plan on getting wet or are you just wearing it for insurance?

Call NRS, the staff is great but call.

Own several NRS garments, gloves

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and footwear.

Speaking only for myself, NRS products tend to run small (e.g. for me, a Kokatat size XL is an NRS size XXL).

Whatever sized garment you decide on, has to also feel "good" while you're wearing it - especially while you're engaging in physical activity.