Bought my first kayak. ???

Bought my first kayak, Perception Pescador 13 tandem, this week after much research! We have a camper with a wooden deck on a local lake. My thought is to hang underneath the deck on wall racks. It is open underneath. Anyone know a good kayak rack that will fit a large tandem (15" high)? I’ve also seen the DIY, getting supports from Lowes, etc?

Also, is there a decent lock to use while it’s stored under deck? It will not totally prevent a theft but would definitely deter.

Thanks so much!

here’s a lock

Not sure but I think you can thread it thru one of the scupper holes.

You could build a simple wall rack, use some sturdy j hooks from Home Depot, or just put it on blocks or sawhorses.


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Is there a wall or posts under the deck for attaching slings or cradles? If so, Amazon has a large selecton of kayak wall racks.

If not, Suspenz makes a portable boat stand:

I used the portable stands down at my beach last summer, combined with a Lasso lock which was also chained to a deck post. You might also consider as heavy a chain as you can fit through the scupper holes and lock it to a deck post using a padlock. That might be more of a deterrent if you don't live full time at the lake.

deck on a hill/ [posts underneath
yes, there are posts underneath. The deck is on a hill, so the tallest area is prob around 5-6 feet high and furthest away from camper. Deck 14 X 24" I’ve been looking at Amazon. I was afraid some wall mounts might be too small, since height of kayak is 15". We don’t stay out there all of the time. I know not good to store on the ground, so thought if I could find racks/cradles big enough.

I think a cable lock might be good for a lock or a smaller chain. I measured scupper holes, little over an inch.

Talic slings
These should work:

So long as you have something to attach them to and can position them according to the owner’s manual.

$60 to hang a boat is kinda pricey.

Nylon strap systems can hang multiple boats for $25. You can find DIY stuff at Lowes or Home Depot for $10.


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Talic makes some nice stuff and it's easy to install. But it's also not cheap.

watch how you hang them
Very hot weather softens the plastic on poly boats – make sure however you rack or suspend them does not put undue pressure on any point. What I like for long term support of kayaks for storage is to cradle them on old tires, lying the boats on their sides (the strongest side of a kayak) if on the ground or, if suspended, thread pool noodles or sections of old garden hose over any rope or webbing to distribute the weight and give a soft “cradle” to the boat. Most of my boats hang from big plastic coated screw-in hooks using cradles of poly rope threaded through sections of chunky foam pool noodles.

Deep in South MS
I use 1" wide cam straps hanging from roofing nails. Straps are at the bulkheads, several years of 100F in the summer never softened the poly boats.

Cockpit cover
It may be a good idea to get a cover for the cockpit to keep out some of the wildlife that might enjoy the convenient shelter you have provided.

Do they make them
for SOTs?

upside down
Just hang the SOT’s upside down or sideways so things don’t collect in them (leaves, rain, raccoon families, etc.)

after measuring…
It looks like I won’t have much room on kayak’s Side storing underneath deck -only be 6" off ground in widest place. Is that ok? It is a sit on top. I like the idea of pool noodles over rope. It is better to store on side correct? Other option is to hang from bottom of deck horizontal. Thanks for all the input!

wrap it
When leaving it stored, wrap the midsection in visqueen or a small plastic tarp and wrap rope around it. That will keep out leaves, dirt and critters. Nothing like being halfway across the pond and feeling a spider crawling up your thigh. It won’t hurt it at all to be 6" above the dirt. In fact I know people who just leave them on the ground under their decks – though this can lead to discoloration from mildew or staining from iron oxides in the dirt.

6" off ground ?
I have a few centerblocks I could use and then pad them with something. Does that sound ok or should I buy those kayak wall hangers for outside? I like the idea of not spending money if not needed. :slight_smile: Or would something else work better? Just want to protect my investment. I don’t have much, but like to keep what I do have in good shape.

If blocks will work, what type padding do you suggest? Any ideas? Remember, blocks will sit on ground. Underneath deck, then kayak could rest against deck supports underneath.

Locks for SOT
If it has scupper holes just buy two of the thickest bike cables that you can fit the loop end through the scupper holes. These can be quite stiff so you need to make sure it will pass through the hole then pass the other end through the loop and padlock it down to something secure. I have a system built for shed doors that has a lock eye that you can securely fasten down with screws and it has a steel plate cover over the screws that you can’t get at unless you remove the padlock. If all of this is under a low crawl space you can put in some barriers, razor wire, pungi sticks etc. to keep thieves away.