Bought my new PFD for ladies

The new Astral front zip ladies model fits me so fine! I can breathe!!!

Got a bit of the bustiere action going so it stays in place. Very adjustable with the z-straps. Interior front straps w/quick release buckles keep everything snug and allow you to unzip for ventilation. A couple of low profile pockets in front. I’m having a tab installed.

I’ll file a review after I swim in it. So far, it’s super comfortable and stays in place. The swim will tell me more. Should have it home in a couple of weeks.

The price is comparable to Lotus and Stohlquist.

Very interested
in hearing how this PFD works out for you. I’ve seen it advertised and I have high hopes. I have what must be a remarkably short torso an a non-average shape, because I’ve never yet found a PFD that fits comfortably, stays in place, and doesn’t ride up to my chin. So, yes, pleeeeease post a review as soon as you can. And thanks!

My kid bought a PFD
but I can’t recall the name. I’ll call later and find out.

Her problem is that she is 5’10" and 200# of solid muscle with shoulders broader than a man.

So finding a PFD that would fit wasn’t easy.

Most that say 52" chest mean 40" chest for a guy and 50" belly.

And how can a PFD that is comfortable for a 40" man be too tight for a 36" girl???

But we looked all over town for a woman’s PFD and found one too small at a boating store for $129.

She did an interent search and found the same thing in her size for $47 including shipping and it got here in 4 days with normal shipping.

She loves the thing.

It’s nice that the manufacturers are finally making these things for women.

kokatat msfit
I had the same problem of the PFD being in my face. It was suggested that I loosen the shoulder straps. I haven’t had a problem since.

post a picture too, Cuda told me to say that.

yo, cuda…
Pics of the PFD are on their website…lol

When you say you are having a tab installed, do you mean the plastic piece to which you might attach a rescue knife? If so, I cannot believe that a PFD manufacturer would omit such an important feature, particularly on a high quality vest.

Pamskee: Did you ever try the Stohlquist Betsea? If so, how does it compare fitwise? I’ve found it the only one to fit without squashing. I have narrow shoulders and a 42" bust.

Also, do you wear a wetsuit, and if so, what kind? I have an NRS UltraJane in XXL which is supposed to fit someone larger than I, but it’s tight in the bust and I have to wear ut partially unzipped.


nepaddler & thistleback…
Some of the other Astral models have lash tabs. This one has less area for tabs because the shoulder straps are neoprene and the vest rides low. The company owner said that a knife might be in the way when paddling. Especially for canoeing cross strokes. He’s a paddler and has gone to carrying his knife in his front pocket. We figured out a place to put the tab and the angle for mounting. They’re doing it at no extra charge. I’m happy. It is a good quality item.

I tried the Betsea and I had to make it very tight to keep it in place. It was a bit long in the torso for me. I have a friend who loves hers. As far as a wetsuit, I’m still shopping. I may have to get 2 pieces. I’m losing weight, but will probably be short and round for the rest of my paddling days. I thought about a farmer john grizzly, but I don’t know if any of them are short enough. I have fairly broad shoulders and long arms. I have always had problems with the fit of women’s clothing and do better with men’s shirts and jackets. There are several on-line dive shops that sell odd size wetsuits. I’m checking there next.

My wetsuit problem
My wetsuit problem is I have a long rise, narrow shoulders and a D-cup. I can’t find a wetsuit to accommodate my boobs. I have the Ultra-Jane XXL that should fit 6’ and 175 lbs. I am 5’6" and 155 lbs. but it’s still too tight in the chest, and barely long enough in the rise.

Please let me know what you find. I thought of trying men’s farmers but I’m sure the armholes would cut into me at the front from being too wide.


will do
Nothing like ‘spillage’ out of the too big armholes to rub you the wrong way…

Lets hear if for spillage!

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Sorry, too intense of a visual, I reckin'. Can y'all give me an online source for these ladie's PFDs? My bride needs one, but there ain't a place to try one on her nearby. She's not really built for "spillage", so any recommendation with an online source would be appreciated.

BeaverJack, here’s the .com

I got the Wonderjacket. The owner left Lotus to start this company, so he’s not new to the game.

Site for Stohlquist
Here’s the site for Stohlquist ladies PFDs


I just bought one of these PFD’s…
the astral bouyancy wonderjacket for women, and I love it!!! What a smart design! Total freedom of movement for the arms, and really comfortable shoulder straps. I hadn’t been intending to buy it, but had the opportunity to check it out after the recent discussion here, when visiting Oakland for the sailboat show. I made a quick stop in California Canoe and Kayak and fell in love, and bought it on the spot.

In addition to great freedom of movement, it can be unzipped for ventilation, and it has plenty of room for all the safety gear you need to carry on your person, when touring. It also has fleece lined hand warmers and a place in the back for a hydration bag if desired.

I am going to take it over to my local outfitter and persuade them to keep it in stock.