Bought the MR Indy

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Picked it up Friday. It's a '93 in dark green with wood trim. FG lay-up. 45 pounds or so.

Very good condition. Hull is very smooth and no rot or warps in rails. Paid $550.

Way too early to post a review or serious report. So far I've taken it out for two different four mile paddles.

I'm starting to get into a groove with the boat. Feels like it has a pronounced cruising speed. But loads of fun. Feel like the boat has already taught me a little about canoeing.

Thanks all for the input.


my Indy says to say Congrats
If you tinker, you might consider lowering the seat and moving it fore or aft based on your weight in an empty boat. Just redrill new holes in the gunnels and epoxy dowels into the old holes.

I also routed a notch in the upper end face of the thwart, matching the curve of the gunnel, so it nests up against the gunnels for additional stiffness.

Good do everything boat. On the home river I take a paddle and a pole. Sometimes I’ll swap ends to pole up fast drops and might kneel instead of stand. Sometimes just stand behind the seat facing the bow and pole in quickwater.

I have the curved cane seat and use that for a carrying thwart.

the seat needed to be recaned a few times. This boat keeps on going and looks good doing it. Keep that wood clean and oiled.

Enjoy that boat!

The Indy Appreciation Club!
I had mine out on a dawn patrol Sunday. The Ipswich was as high as I’ve ever seen it and I paddled upstream against a modest current. I thought maybe I’d go up as far as the Audubon landing. But it was still pretty early when I got there. So I thought maybe I’d just go up to Perkins Island. That didn’t take as long as I thought it might. So I figured I’d keep on up to the Topsfield Fair grounds. Once there I turned back and enjoyed the leisurely float down to my truck, a little surprised at how fresh I felt.

She’s a sweet hull. That’s all I know.


Happy paddlin’


You’re lucky. Welcome to the club! nm

I’ve still never paddled an Indy, even though I’ve paddled alongside Mystical’s.

i like the boat.

i’m not going to say it will do this or that or be the last solo i buy.

but it is a good canoe. i can tell that from being in the boat for an hour or so.

i’ve logged about four hours so far and plan to take it out today for an hour or two.

thanks again

It is a rare and wonderful day when a Floridian buys a solo canoe.

My Tupper knows all the good padding places in central Florida; if you are near here, give me a holler.

I don’t take my KH hull on class III

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like jj has, but I made his mods to the thwarts and it seems to have helped stiffen things up nicely. It's a pretty straightforward procedure, and I think it's something Rob should consider for the new VC Indy. I didn't lower the contoured seat, I didn't think my feet would fit through there with it any lower. I'm mostly sitting this season, so it might be something to consider. The construction on the Kevlar lay-up is superb, IMO. At first, she seemed too thin and flexy around the freeboard amidships, but I bashed a couple of rocks kinda hard this spring and was happy to find mere scratches resulted. She's robust where she needs to be. With new ash rails and walnut decks, she comes in at darn near 34 pounds, which, along with her yare appearance, is what attracted me initially. I LUUURVE my Indy!

I like the idea of routing a notch

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... in the thwarts ends to stiffen the boat a bit. But I don't know what is gained by lowering the seat, unless you don't kneel at all. To me, one of the advantages of the new Vermont Indy is that the seat can be raised a bit (since the sides are an inch higher). But, part of the fun is the tinkering.

this my fourth solo
actually my fifth if you count the outrigger.

and, i sold one this year – a wood strip j200

also have a bell rob roy and a savage river d2x

i actually know of a few people in southwest florida with solos – a merlin ii, bell magic, a mohawk pack canoe.

i like it, although i put a couple of rock in the stern to keep it running true.

think i’ll add an ed’s canoe seat and move it back about three inches from its original location.

the way it’s set up now, the front edge of the seat is about two inches behind the balance point of the boat.

and i can feel it on the water. the boat definitely improves when there’s more gear in the stern.


that makes sense
the thwarts on my canoe have been replaced and seem very strong.

i ordered an ed’s bucket cane seat for the boat. plan to put it about three inches aft of where it is now. i find that the boat is bow heavy empty. i have to load it stern heavy to keep her from wandering off course.

but, after five days in the boat, i like it. it doesn’t have the personality of the bell boats i’ve paddled. it’s a touch slower then the merlin II, or feels that way toward the top end speed.

i like the low center depth, though. it works, as someone pointed out before, as a type of tumblehome.

i know it will take water over the rails in following seas (done that) but a cover and paddler compensation will handle that, up to a point obviously.