Boundary Waters Guide Books

I'm planning a week long trip in the fall. This will be a long time dream of mine and everything is falling nicely in place. I have the maps that I need, and the area I would like to paddle. The two main guide books that I find of the BW are Boundary Waters Canoe Area by Robert Beymer, western edition, and Exploring The Boundary Waters by Daniel Pauly. Which do you recommend?  Thanks

Both are Good
But I like the Pauly one better. I think mostly because it is brand new and you have only one volume. Beymer’s books written along time ago (70s? 80s?) although they have had new, updated editions. Beymer’s books comes in two volumes; one for eastern side and the other for the western.

Also, Beymer has a map tucked into the back cover to use for planning (not for navigation) while Pauly has a little map for each entry point right on the book page. I find Pauly’s a bit more user-friendly.

But the truth is, either are very good. You won’t choose poorly between those two.

Another good book
is put out by the Fisher Map Company,

“A Paddler’s Guide to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area”, by Michael E Duncanson.

Also has map pages, not as much detail as Pauly’s book, but real easy to follow.

Thanks for the responces. I’ll go with Pauly for now, and when I arrive at Ely in Sept. I’ll stop at a local store to personally look over a copy of Beymers latest edition.