Boundary waters, mine

Below in email from the Wilderness Society. FYI since some here regularly paddle those waters.

"Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northeastern Minnesota is the most visited wilderness in America. With over 1 million acres of interconnected lakes and rivers, this wilderness hosts gray wolves, black bears, beavers and many other wildlife species.

The Trump administration now wants to allow a mine to be built adjacent to Boundary Waters and within Superior National Forest. "

No surprise there, coming from his business 1st philosophy.

To be fair (and I don’t like being forced to be fair to Trump) the proposed mine has been going on for many years, since looooong before the Trump administration took office. Its no surprise that they support it.

Loon Watcher put up a post about this on the Wilderness board also. Its true there has been mining in that area for a long time and, of course, what we have already is never enough. On the other side of Superior, in Northern Wisconsin, the same sort of battles have been and are being fought there. It seems to go in fits and starts. That’s some fine paddling country also. Native American wild rice beds, protected by long=standing treaties, are threatened there.