Boundary Waters

Enjoy watching Aerial America and on the Wisconsin show saw some footage of the Boundary Waters at the Canadian border. Do any of you have experience in this area? It would be a two day ride both ways for my wife and I to go. Is it worth the trek?


there is a whole forum
devoted to the Boundary Waters.

It has information overall and discussion boards.

Sure I have been there, but there are some 20000 others on that board.

Well Worth It
Took a trip in 1984 (August) and was back by May the next year. I was “Bitten” by the bug. I took 1-3 trips a year until medical issues slowed me down in 2004. I could talk about it for days, but every friend I’ve taken up there or encouraged to do so has also been “Smitten.” Two of them, enough so that they moved up there!

So, proceed with caution because the BWCAW will consume much of your time, thoughts, and money once you expose yourself to it! Here’s another site with many answers:

boundary Waters
Many Thanks!!

Time to plan a vacation.

boundary Waters
Thank you!

I will check out the forum