Bow and stern lines something differnt

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I saw a convertible with a canoe on top and the only thing holding it on were bow and stern lines nothing else. Not to bad two firsts at the same time a convertible and b&s lines only. This was not posted to get the old to use or not to use them debate going again.

Good way to damage your boat
Getting bow & stern lines tight enough to hold a canoe or kayak securely can seriously torque a hull along its long axis. Not a good habit to get into.

So is this “advice”, “suggestions” or

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"General help" ???

I saw one sticking up out of a convertable with zero tiedowns last winter down in Key Largo.


I don’t need no stinkin tie downs!
My usual way in my CRV is bow in the front passenger seat with the stern hanging out the open back hatch window. No tie downs at all, unless you count the seat belt.

Jack it was non of the above I just
could not believe that someone would strap it to a convertible. Maybe I should have added that it was with the roof up not down.

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