Bow Float Bags?

I am new to whitewater kayaking and recently got a LL Remix 79, I am wondering if most people use float bags in the bow of river runners and creek boats? It seems like getting them in and out would be a real pain if you had to do it very often.

In my experience getting float bags in and out was super simple. Also, dragging my boat to shore after a swim and dumping the water was a heck of a lot easier with float bags in place than it was without.

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If you can get small bags in the boat I would do so. Assuming you have rear float bags, a swamped kayak without bow bags tend to wallow nose down and is harder to plow out of the current and more likely to get hung up.

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I am not a take them out type of guy. On a whitewater boat I used for ocean play, I installed them up in front of the foot braces and inflate and leave the infation tube accessible and leave there. Add more air as needed.

Probably better for the float bags to remove and clean them (maybe more so in salt water), but I didn’t bother.

Float bags definitely add a significant safety benefit!

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