Bow float for Prodigy 12


Just purchased a Perception Prodigy 12 for my son, only problem is that it desn't have a forward Bulkhead and the inherant buoyancy that it provides. I purchased a float bag for it's bow and it doesn't wedge sufficiently due to foam T-bracethats fixed in the center of the nose. I called Retailer and they told me that it was acceptable to remove this foam piece in order to fit the float bag in the bow. Is this an acceptable procedure and if so will it cause any trauma to his craft?

Additionally, I was thinking of other fastening methods to assure this float doesn't come out as I signed my sona dn I for a day long self rescue course in a few weeks. is there any other cords or rigging I could install in the bow to help?

Please advise.


Haven’t seen that boat, but you do not
need to have the float bag all the way up to the bow… In fact, in my touring kayak, there is no way to get it there. Is that thing already in the bow the sort of thing you could connect the bag to? Are there places back along the inside of the kayak to connect the back corners of the bag?

Jackson kayak split bags
Jackson kayak makes a split bag that you slide around the front pillar then inflate the bag on both sides of the pillar. The pillar holds the bag in place.

That foam thingy stuffed in your bow by the way is a safety feature to keep a pinned boat from squishing your legs and feet so you can’t eject. It also aids with flotation and reduces volume of water you have to dump.