Bow footbrace for stock boat

I am training with a young, strong, atheletic and incredibly handsome young man( my youngest).

We have been using my Jensen, but his feet don’t reach the floatation tank when we are at trim.

In years past a block of foam would suffice as a footbrace but little “B” complains that his foot just sinks in when he trys to drive his on side foot down. I am wondering what others do to alieviate this? I am not sure that I want to pop-rivet in a footbrace up in the bow. Off hand I suppose I could move my seat back on th egunnels so “B” could slide forward, but I doubt I would like the stability up there.

I weigh about 200 “B” weighs 184.

By the time the "Clinton comes around he will be 200 since he is detiremined to bulk up with weigh lifting. ANy simple suggestions?

I used…

– Last Updated: Jan-27-08 3:57 PM EST –

a generic brand of Kayak style foot braces in my Penobscot tanden. Worked well for the Ex wife. She had knee problems,and could stretch out between them,or adjust with one foot, any position. Had to drill through the Royalex hull,bolt them up. I have seen nearly the same set up in a Placid Rapidfire epoxyed in. Good to hear the young one wants to get out on the water.


How’re your woodworking skills?
If your up to it, it seems that a custom-built box made from 1/4-inch marine-grade plywood could do the same thing as that block of foam, but without having any significant “give”.

Maybe simply putting a layer of 1/4-inch plywood across the face of that foam block would keep his feet from sinking in. That would be a lot easier than my first suggestion.