Bow noise

Does anyone know of any good way to reduce the noise the front of a kayak makes as it moves through the water?

Paddle backwards

Chatham 18?
What model boat are you paddling?

Bow Noise-model
The model is an Old Town Dirigo 106

Must be a crummy design !
Usually it’s a leaf or some other small piece of flotsam that gets caught at the water line, and a little wiggle will get rid of it.



Not at all crummy

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Designed by an ex-Olympic Slalom coach in fact. A short little boat with a lot of bow volume will push a bit and create a bow wave. That same bow will ride over and handle the wind chop that will soak you in many othe rec boats.

It's a good boat for what it is, and that volume is excellent.

time to try another boat

my Chatham 18
makes the loveliest bow noise imaginable, like a singing fountain. Brings back memories of my childhood when I would go as far forward below deck in our sail boat as I could to hear that tinkly sound.

You don’t need a new boat…
…unless you don’t like the way the boat handles. Canoes are the same way. Some canoe bows happily gurgle away except at slow speed, and others are very quiet at any speed. The thing is, it’s not a “quality” issue, because there are situations where a silent-bow canoe doesn’t work well at all, and visa-versa. Same with kayaks I’m sure.

Very well said

I don’t care who it is designed by
If it is making a bow noise then in my estimation it must be a crummy design, unless the paddler has the boat trimmed wrong.

Please note that I said “my estimation”



I must be missing something
I have five different type canoes and none of them makes a bow noise

To me if it is making a bow noise, it must be plowing. If it is plowing and I have it trimmed right than I am going to have to work more than I should have to.



noise defintion
hi…just curiuos…how do you define “bow noise” is it a gurgling noise?, wave slap?, plowing noise? being a poly boat, i wouldn’t think noise would be much of a issue. have you checked the bow for any defects in manufacturing? ? Ie: misshapen manufacturing mold? as a last resort , maybe a air floatation bag/ more foam in the front will deaden the noise a bit. A friend has a Dirigo and i’ve never heard any “bow noise” on his boat, it seems to cut the water pretty well.

It is a short wide rec boat
with plumb bow. Build a square boat with a flat bow, and it will create a wake at any speed. Bend the bow into a V and the speed at which it will create a bow wake will increase as the V gets narrower.

Also, a 10 foot 6 kayak is going to be paddled with maximum efficiency somewhere way below what the manufacturer lists as its Max capacity. And Old Town lists this one’s max as 300 pounds.

A longer, narrower boat will create less wake, and less noise.

10 ft. boat!

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One of the most highly regarded designers in the world...but hey I'm sure some here would out do him!

Tell us please how YOU would design a boat with a 10 ft. waterline that is stable enough to hold a large person, very maneuverable, and keeps said large person dry in a chop? This is a RECREATIONAL kayak, not a touring, or racing boat.

Get in all the 10 ft. kayaks out there, paddle them, and please report back with the one that has a "quiet" bow!

If the guy doesn't like the boat, he should trade up certainly, but my guess is the experts here have never designed, or shaped any hull
in their lives.

The Dirigo was the most successful product launch in Old Town history.

why is it a problem?
I’ve always loved the gurgling sound any boat makes when moving through the water.

It’s part of the on-the-water experience.

It’s also a reason why I really enjoy paddling my lapstrake canoe 'cause it sounds so sweet!

OK, I’ll keep the argument going
We have two 9’-5" Perception Keowees(about 12 years old)

The only noise I have ever heard from them are when I drop them at the ramp.

I’ll stick to what I said and you can stick to what you said.



Oops, I forgot about lapstrake
Is it too late to add a qualifier to my above posts ?



bow noise can be a good thing
it keeps you from falling asleep when you paddle.

Have you paddled the Dirigo?

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My guess is no.

None of these little rec boats are what I would enjoy, but I am not going to jump to a slam on an award winning highly successful product that I have never paddled (I have actually, but you have not) based on one internet post!

That is where I take issue with some of these absolute statements such as "Must be a bad design". That's just a disingenuous unfair comment. The facts certainly would indicate otherwise. Paddle on.